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Cursed Words

Its a race to the finish line in this fast paced, free-to-play, brain-bending, word game Not a word master? Not a problem. Its all about strategy. Play Cursed Words to fully flex your wordie brain. Spell multiple words per turn and outmaneuver your opponent in a race across the finish line. Strategically use devilishly fun power-ups against your opponents to secure your place at the top of the tournament tower. Brandish your skills in multiple tournaments to fill your coffers with millions of coins and become the ultimate Word Champion Cursed Words liberates word game aficionados from the typical slog. Compact boards mean quick rewards for scrappy wordplay, and clever letter scramblers can earn Epic Moves by using all their tiles in a single move. Tired of losing word battles to the family librarian? Not any more. A few properly placed three letter words can beat those ten dollar show-offs with ease. Cant get enough? Start multiple matches to rack up bronze, silver and gold trophies then claim your place as the word master among family, friends and complete strangers Key features: BE STRATEGIC: Keep your brain on its toes with multiple words, clever placement, and timely power-up use. LIVE TOURNAMENTS: Dynamic live tournaments worldwide will have you beating friends or strangers every day POWER YOUR WAY TO VICTORY: Six deviously fun power-ups add extra strategy to your quest to cross the finish line Get an extra letter, skip a turn and even get a completely new tray WEEKLY LEADERBOARDS: Work your way to the top of the leaderboards and become a LEGEND Earn prizes that will make everyone envious… every week CHALLENGE FRIENDS: Challenge your friends and annihilate strangers… anyone is fair game in this game GOT IT? FLAUNT IT Show off your badges and earnings as you spell your way to victory ____________ Sign up now to be the first to learn about sales and promotions from iWin Games http://signup.iwin.com/mobile/ ___________ Dive into all of iWins amazing games Cash games: Jewel Quest for Cash Solitaire for Cash Bubble Town for Cash Casual Games: Jewel Quest: 7 Seas Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Seventh Gate Cubis - Addictive Puzzler Deal or No Deal _________ VISIT US: m.iwin.com LIKE US: www.facebook.com/iwingames FOLLOW US: www.twitter.com/iwingames

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