What to Wear to a Wedding: Men Edition

When invited to a wedding, one might find themselves unsure of what to wear and suddenly half as nervous and the bride and groom. Women aren’t the only ones who have a variety of different style options when it comes to wedding attire; the options for men are equally diverse. The only difference is that men usually aren’t exposed to or focused on as heavily when it comes to formal events.


The first thing to consider when preparing for a wedding is the atmosphere of the event. A formal, black-tie affair in a luxurious hotel or hosted at a resort will dictate far different attire than a spring or summer garden ceremony in the countryside. You don’t want to don a formal black tux complete, looking as dashing and sleek as James Bond, for an outdoor wedding in a beautiful garden, like the one in Gardenscapes, to discover that everyone is in khakis and loose button down shirts. You can generally perceive from the invitation as well as the hosts what the feel of the wedding will be, so first things first, keep that in mind and decide whether you’ll be going for a tux, a suit, or more casual with slacks and a nice shirt. 


The groom is more than likely going to be in a three piece suit, so don’t go overboard. Keep yours a simple two piece, and go about selecting a color that is flattering to your complexion and figure. If you’re unsure of this, don’t feel embarrassed or awkward to ask a tailor or store clerk for help – it’s their job! If you know what colors the wedding party is wearing, try to avoid those and stick to something more natural. For formal affairs, black and complimentary dark colors are acceptable, while at an outdoors, more casual wedding, light blues and whites are generally worn instead. 


Accessorizing is another important aspect of menswear, particularly for formal occasions. You aren’t limited to your father’s watch and a nice tie. Pocket squares, for example, add a debonair, chic source of contrast to any suit. Pairing a patterned pocket square to add a dash of color and personal style to your suit is always a good idea. Bowties are another re-emerging fashion trend. Depending on the particular event, they can be a solid color that compliments you suit jacket, or a bold shade or pattern that stand out from the rest of your look. 


The traditional accessories, such as watches and cufflinks, are equally important but, as you may have come to realize, also have a multitude of different styles available that directly impact the overall tone of your look. A gold or silver watch, as well as its cut and even the design on the face, are all factors you can take into account if you wish to further personalize your look the day of the wedding. Cuff links are excellent as well, and there is such a large variety to choose from that not only reflect your own personal style, but also add a nice touch to a simple double cuffed shirt.


In closing, when dressing for a wedding:

  • Know the atmosphere of the event, and let that guide you in your selection
  • Work with a tailor to find a cut and color that works best for you
  • Don’t be afraid to utilize all the accessories available, and truly personalize your look