Get Good At Vintage Summer Fashion

Nearly any store that you go to now has a section of clothes that are vintage inspired. This allows us as consumers to have that vintage feel, but being assured that it is our correct size, or even having to pay the high prices that actual vintage pieces go for. When you decide that you want to start wearing vintage fashion, it’ll be easiest to spot pieces for the summer.


The first step you need to do is decide what appeals to you and your style the most. Anything before the 1980’s is considered vintage now. Even the ancient Greek dressing style like the princesses in Clash Royale is considered vintage! You might think that you need to have all of your clothes from one era, but really you can mix and match skirts, tops, accessories, and shoes from many different time frames and still pull off a great vintage summer look.


During the summer time it is much easier to pull off a vintage skirt, or dress since the weather is more agreeable. You could pair your vintage skirt or dress with a pair of more modern shoes or a modern sweater just to help ease yourself into the vintage world. One of the easiest ways to get good at vintage is to start off with an A-line skirt with tulle and pair it with a modern top and shoes. Once you’ve done that you can add in a vintage scarf or hat and accessories that will match your outfit, the same goes with vintage inspired dresses.


If you’re just trying to ease yourself into the vintage summer fashion you could go with a vintage inspired summer top. Halter tops, vests, lace baby doll tops, and tops with a peter pan collar all would look great with your favorite pair of shorts. You could then find a pair of vintage looking sandals or boots that you could pair with your look. This instantly gives off a great vintage summer vibe.


Don’t forget the power of jewelry. Finding a few great vintage jewelry pieces can transform any modern looking outfit into a vintage one. Finding a vintage summer dress in a solid color, or with a more mild print gives you endless opportunities to accessorize it. Jewelry hardly ever goes out of style so you can add chunky necklaces, bangle bracelets, or even clip on earrings. You won’t want to wear all your jewelry at one time, so to get that perfect vintage look you would just want to wear the necklace, or just the bangle bracelets.


Dressing vintage is such a simple task once you find out what looks good on your body, and what appeals to you. You can mix and match anything and still get that great vintage summer look. Shorts, skirts, dresses, lace, tulle all of those things can make any modern girl into a great vintage lady. You just have to play around and find out your own comfort zone with how vintage you are wanting to get with your new vintage summer wardrobe. Start collecting your summer wardrobe now!