The Importance of Keeping your Eyes Healthy to Have Well Groomed: Masculinity

Taking pride in one’s appearance is infectious and it will hopefully raise your game in all areas of your life. This is a great trait of alpha males and something that is surely worth your time and effort. Take pride not only in your appearance, but also what you put into your body, your work, and family life. You only get one shot at life so it is worth giving it your best.


The days of the sexy hairy Neanderthal are long gone. We have transitioned. Our heroes are now grooming prior to kicking asses and taking names. Back in the 60s, a hairy chested Sean Connery was the pinnacle of manliness. Now, there is Daniel Craig and the cast of 300 carving out the future with their bare chests. If women spend an hour getting ready for a night out, how long should a man spend? The answer is not more or less, but actually about the same. It’s a jungle out there and it is important to put your best foot forward.


Be careful with any new diets that you might be trying out. Unhealthy food choices and starving yourself will affect your eyes. If you are malnourished, your body is not going to waste energy on keeping your eyes healthy. Vitamin A help to give your body what it needs to nourish and protect your eyes from potential damage which usually results from insufficient vitamins. It is also important to drink enough water.


Getting enough sleep is very crucial because it is fundamental to good health and good eyes. You won’t want to be playing Mobile Legends for the whole night and wake up to heavy dark circles. “Moisturize from the inside” is a great phrase and philosophy. Many experts say drinking eight glasses of water a day is sufficient. It is best to pace this water intake throughout the day and not down all of the water at once. Keep a glass of water on your desk at work to remind you to keep up this essential habit.


Throughout history, men with unibrows were once considered to be more likely to be criminals. Even if you are going for the bad boy look, there is no excuse for unibrows. Do not wax – use tweezers. Controlling your eyebrows with wax is a little too far overboard and way too obvious. Afterwards, it is going to be very noticeable to everyone that you that just had a waxing done. Look for a smooth transition to keep your eyebrows as natural looking as possible.


Using the tweezers also allows you to monitor the progression and know when to stop. Seek professional help – at least the first time. This is really important to note. The reason is because if you mess it up and you are left with nothing to keep the sweat out of your eyes, it is impossible to fix. Let a pro show you how it is done and make suggestions about what looks the best. If you feel confident to do it yourself the next time then go for it.


Keep them full. Male grooming in this department is all about keeping the brow trimmed, not thin. You are still a man and pencil-thin look is not manly. Also, stay away from arches. Arches are way too feminine. Keep your brows straight to maintain the masculinity in your face. You should also bear in mind that your brows should not be symmetrical. They are brothers not twins. Making your brows a mirror image of each other looks way too manufactured and should be avoided.