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Welcome to theclever.me, the best guide for shopping on the internet. We hope our website will be useful to you as you enter the empowering world of online shopping. There is a tremendous wealth of information here and much more outside the scope of this site we point to. Moreover, one of the benefits of this website is that the information here is infinitely expandable and constantly updated.


Theclever.me founders’ tireless effort in creating this world-class library of reviews and articles have not only made it easy for buyers before shopping for anything but have also made them save a lot of money. This portal deals with some issues that still persist when a shopper has to go through the purchase process no matter how secure some stores claim to be.


Unfortunately, the internet is abundant with lots of incomplete and even inaccurate information about some products that the nature and extent of problems such as fraud, virus and other malicious attacks on personal accounts have frustrated many customers out there. We seek to address those concerns in safe ways, allowing you to evaluate and decide how serious the problems are, offering inputs from real customers who have dealt with such issues. In fact, the safe shopping experience is the main theme of our service, and of the work of real-time customers itself. We are here to provide solid and actual information to people, businesses, and all those deal-hunters about the realities involved therein.


Our website is a platform for unbiased advice from users that will make your task of finding things from travel to tech surprisingly easy. We are leading the fight for truth on the internet not just by having people voice their opinions about their likes and dislikes, but also by promoting the fact that they should be able to get what they paid for and content with what they receive for all the trouble they went through and the time they spent online. This is an uphill battle just like winning in Clash Royale. We are also more interested in articles submitted by authors proficient in their respective fields and in gathering new ideas than merely representing existing opinions.


The board of the theclever.me follows strict thesis. We are not a representative of any marketing companies, but a group of people who have a strong viewpoint about how the online shopping experience should be. Our website is intended to give you tools and knowledge so that you know exactly whom to do business with. The sophisticated content engine with millions of reviews and ratings lets you do comparative shopping and helps to make informed choices.