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LINE PokoPoko

◆◇Get Animals for Inviting Friends to Play PokoPoko Now The mega-hit puzzle game Pokopang that racked up 37 million downloads around the world is back in all new style Get ready for LINE PokoPoko Match up blocks to destroy them in this fresh and fun puzzle game as you join Boni in his quest to restore peace to Poko Forest - Stage-Based Puzzle Action Advance through stages by clearing missions Each area offers its own unique set of missions with fabulous rewards that keep you coming back for more. - Your Favorite Characters From Pokopang Boni and all your fluff-faced friends from Pokopang are back and hungry for more adventure Look forward to new Animals coming soon - Grow Items on Item Trees Your Animals will look after the item trees for you Harvest items when theyre ripe for picking and youre ready to use them in the game - Diverse Stage Structures PokoPoko offers original stages you wont find in other games. With stages featuring everything from hot lava to apples, the fun just doesnt stop - Bonus Stages Galore Clear certain stages to unlock the Cherry Stage Rack up Cherries, an in-game currency, and trade them for booster items you can use to help you in the game.

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