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100 Puzzle X

100 PUZZLE is guaranteed to feed your mind It is carefully crafted to enhance your logic skills, expand your imagination, enrich your creativity, and improve your memory. 100 Puzzle is simple, yet challenging and calming at the same time. No time pressure, start and stop when you have a moment free. Great for everyone, young to seniors HOW TO PLAY Drag the blocks onto the grid to make lines vertically and horizontally. You can make scores by clearing blocks as many as possible. The goal is to beat yourself by getting new high score every single day. Furthermore, for EVERY 100 points you get, youll earn 1 Diamond. You can use your diamonds to select your favorite theme skins. The result is a total mental workout that will bring out the best in you TIP Solve this puzzle in a well ventilated place because your brain uses about 20 percent of all the oxygen that is pumped through your body. FEATURES: - Friendly app that wont drain your device. - Beautiful theme choices to make your experience even more exciting - Switch button on gameplay screen to set day/night background mode or blocks design - Game is auto-saved Come back anytime without losing your progress - Leaderboards access to update your ranking - This app offers in-app purchases. Its important to realize that the brain is something dynamic. It isnt static, it can be trained. Your gray matter continues to make new cells at every age. This enables you to continue developing at all levels. In other words, your capacities may be partially innate but you can perfect them via exercises. You can learn to use your capacities and excel. Play 100 Puzzle to level up your brain power today Were sure you will love it 100 Puzzle Team